Legal notices

1. Company Information
In accordance with article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11th of July on IT and Electronic Commerce, full company details are attached below.

Company Name:    Promojoya S.L.

VAT Nº:            B82589458

Address:    Avenida Alcaldesa María Regla Jiménez, 132 – 41807 Espartinas, Seville, Spain 

Tel Nº;             +34 955 714 871

E-mail:            This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. Copyright

Graphic designs, Images, Photographs, Sounds, Animations, Texts and all information and content included in are protected under Spanish copyright laws which forbid the copying and/or publication, total or partial, of the website. Also prohibited is any computer processing, distribution, dissemination, modification, transformation, decompilation or any other action protected by the recognized legal rights of the copyright holder without previous written permission.         

The client can use the material that appears in the webpage exclusively for personal and private use, being prohibited any use for commercial or unlawful ends. All copyright rights are expressly reserved by Promojoya S.L.

Promojoya S.L. will enforce the before-mentioned conditions and ensure the rightful use of the content of this webpage and will take all civil and penal actions available in the case of any infraction or breach of these conditions on the part of the client.

3. Data protection of personal details
In accordance with current legislation under the “Ley Orgánica” 15/1999 of 13th December, treating the protection of personal details (LOPD), the object of which is to guarantee and protect, in respect of personal details, the freedom and fundamental rights of individuals, and in particular their honour and privacy. Promojoya S.L. informs their clients that:

Promojoya S.L. has adopted the technical and organizational steps in accordance with the current legislation.

The Personal Details that Promojoys S.L. attains are the object of automated processing and are incorporated into files denominated “Contact and Follw-Up of Clientes” and “Economic Management of Services” which are the property of Promojoya S.L. and duly registered with the Data Protection Agency  

The attainment and processing of Personal Details is carried out in order to maintain the contractual relationship which may be established with Promojoya S.L.

Promojoya S.L. has adopted the adequate level of security for the details that are given and, in addition, has put in place all the technical means at its disposal to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, rectification, unauthorized access and theft of the details that are provided.  

The client can, at any moment, exercise their rights recognized in the LOPD for access, rectification, cancellation and rights of opposition.

4. Varios
Promojoya S.L. can modify, without prior notice, the information contained in its website, as well as the configuration and presentation.

Promojoya S.L. is committed herein NOT TO REALIZE MISLEADING ADVERTISING.

To this effect, the following will not be considered misleading advertising: Formal or numeric errors that may be found within the content of the different sections of the website of Promojoya S.L. that have occurred as a result of incomplete of erroneous maintenance and/or actualization of the information contained in these sections. Promojoya S.L., in accordance with what is set out in this paragraph, undertakes to correct any error as soon as it is detected.

Promojoya S.L. undertakes NOT TO SEND ANY COMERCIAL MESSAGES WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SUCH in accordance with Law 34/2022 on IT and Electronic Commerce.      

To this effect the following will not be considered as commercial messages the following: the information that is sent to CLIENTS of Promojoya S.L. so long as the object is to maintain the contractual relationship between the client and Promojoya S.L., including the imparting of information and other activities implicit to the service that that client has contracted with the company.

Promojoya S.L. is not responsible for the breach of any regulation that may be committed by a client by accessing the website and/or the use of the information contained therein.

Promojoya S.L. will not be responsible for any damages of whatever nature caused, or that may be caused, by the use of the information and material contained in the website and the programmes that it contains. The Links and hypertext that enable, via the web, the client to access services offered by third parties, do not belong to, nor are they under the control of, Promojoya S.L. and Promojoya S.L. takes no responsibility neither for the information contained therein nor for whatever result that may arise from such information.

Promojoya S.L. takes no responsibility for the unlawful use that third parties may make of the names of products and commercial brands that, not being property of the company, appear on the website

Promojoya S.L. takes no responsibility for any virus that originates from a telematic transmission infiltrated by third parties (for example, macros in word processing programmes, Java applets, and Active X programmes), created in order to harm IT systems.

The client is the sole responsible for the use that is made of the services, content, links and hypertext included in the website

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